PP (poly propylene) split film rope:
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The diameter sizes available range from 4mm to 22mm and we manufacture communication and danline ropes for engineering, marine and fishing applications. It has the quality of minimal Water Absorption, Floats on water, Controlled Elongation, Easy Handling, Low Weight, and Inert to Chemicals. It is used in vessels fisheries net, Sea Culture, Guideline, Packing, Trucks, Bats, Caro, Nets, Castration etc

PP Danline Rope:

long lasting - stabilized for exposure to Ultra Violet Rays, has excellent strength, is non corrosive, has greater abrasion resistance, is light weight with controlled elongation, and inert to chemicals. It is a no water absorption, resistance to rot, mildew and marine organisms, and has excellent shock absorption capacity. It has immunity to extreme atmospheric conditions. Ideal for manufacturing, transport, communication, construction, recreational and entertainment industries.

Tiger Ropes:

Used in deep sea fishing, available in yellow and blue. They can retain strength when wet. They have a higher coefficient of friction than nylon. They have a high resistance towards UV and harsh chemicals.


The Articulated Concrete Block Mattress (ACBM) is a rectangular unit made of concrete blocks joined together by polypropylene ropes. The mattress is flexible in two dimensions and is available in a range of thicknesses to suit the conditions required. The ACBM is used for the anchorage and protection of underwater pipelines and cables and for protecting the foundations of structures against water scouring.

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